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Preparing your child for modern-day kindergarten doesn't have to be complicated or take hours of prep-work.  In fact, just by setting aside 20 minutes per day, you can ensure your child Is prepared and confident on the first day of kindergarten.

The starter kit is your first step toward massive kindergarten success!

The starter kit is for you if:

  • you are tired of searching the internet and never finding the guidance that you really need.
  • you've decided in-person/online preschool isn't the right choice for your child but you still want him/her to be ready for kindergarten.
  • you want a preschool experience for your child that's full of interaction, manipulation, and whole body movement--not worksheets.
If you're one or any combination of those...then you can't afford to miss the starter kit.

You'll learn the 5 Key Skills and how to teach them to your preschooler PLUS:

  • 5 Easy to Implement Activities to teach each skill in a fun and engaging way.
  • A Printable Planner to schedule your activities with your preschooler in advance.

That's a total of 25 different activities for you and your preschooler!

I'm Brandi Grays and for almost a decade I’ve worked with preschoolers and their teachers. 

I have been a classroom teacher, a coach, and a trainer. 

I've taught preschoolers how to count and read.  I've taught teachers how to better meet children's needs.  I have taught directors and managers how to pursue high-quality early learning.

I have created the Ultimate Kindergarten Readiness Starter Kit to help you start the process of kindergarten prep with ease and success.    

The best part … you don't have to reinvent the wheel.  

You don't have to master a new skill set.

And, you don't have to be a preschool teacher to successfully teach your child at home.

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